A top 100 Health Care Company in the medical industry was looking for help in bringing some of their innovation ideas to life.  This company places a lot of value on creating the best patient experience for those they serve, particularly during treatment.  This company was very strong in ideation and developed a number of winning ideas.  However, they did not have the expertise to translate their top idea into a viable product.  


As a full-service partner, DCIL worked to rapidly demonstrate the technical feasibility of the idea.  They also worked to develop a deeper understanding of patient’s needs and that of the healthcare staff.  Over a few months, through rapid prototyping , DCIL created a number of viable solutions.  DCIL is also coordinating all IP activity and medical device approval from FDA, as well as helping to build out the supply chain, the business strategy and brand development.


The outcome is the development of a new business for this company that would commercialize this idea and other ideas.  More importantly, this solution creates a meaningful impact in the lives of patients as they go through treatment.